Here at SmallHaze Studio we value your time and ours. Therefore, unfortunately there are no refunds on projects that have already started. If for any reason your project has not been started we will issue a full refund. To avoid any confusion please pay attention to the timeframe listed in the description of each project. There are absolutely NO refunds on any design work that has been started. If for any reason you want to cancel your service, you have already paid for or we have started, that is your choice. 

Cancellation and Expiration:

If you decide to use another company after we have started your project or having buyers remorse —— However, due to the time and work produced, payments already received will not be refunded. 

If you are not satisfied with your drafts, or projects and you decide to cancel or after 14 consecutive days with no communication from the client—— the payment received is forfeit.

Due to canceling, the ownership of the service will remain the property of SmallHaze Studio, and remaining work will not be sent. 

Any renewal of the project after cancellation and expiration will require a new order of payment.


It is advised that you consider added time of completion for these reasons: revisions may be needed, it may be a peak in the orders received and prior work received may take longer than expected. 

Please understand, if we do not have all information requested your service may take longer than expected. Your deadline may be delayed due to the information not received in time. 

All unpaid invoice after 3 days are cancelled. All services has to be paid in full to get finalized artwork files and permission. 

Draft / Proof 

This is the time to explain what you do like and do not like and agree on changes. Once you have made it clear what direction you want your service we will begin with revisions. After you have finalized the project and received all files, Please understand there is an additional fee to do edits to the file or a full payment to change the design. If there is no communication within 4 days, art work will be deleted. You will need to be pay a retainer fee to start the process over.